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The LAREU register has been switched to a multilingual version. The languages ??German, English and French are available. The language will depend on the language module set on your computer/smartphone (German, English or French) is automatically selected. For all other languages will be displayed in English as before. The language can also be selected using the pull-down menu on the Register page can be selected.

Another change concerns the French DNA laboratory. This was replaced by Certagen. If previously the French laboratory Progenčs was selected, now Certagen appears (in French) automatically.


Happy New Year to all members of LAREU. We welcome you with a new menu "Offer", where you can offer your alpacas or llamas for sale or stud service to the other owners of alpacas and llamas registered with LAREU. The fee is 5 Euros per animal per year. A description how the offering works you can find in the FAQ .


New submenu under "Change": "My animals @ NoOwner". You get a list of your animals transfered (by intention or accidentally) to the "NoOwner" area (see also FAQ )


Before registering with LAREU, please read our privacy declaration , taking account of the European General Data Protection Regulation (Eu-GDPR).


In accordance with the new European General Data Protection Regulation (Eu-GDPR) we have changed the access to the LAREU registry to a confidential encrypted version: The URLs in your browser will be preceeded by "https://" (for "secure" transmission). If you have stored in your browser the previous non-encrypted address "http://registry.lareu.org", please change it to "https://registry.lareu.org". The non-encrypted address is no longer accessible.


Together with Microsoft, our provider STRATO (www.strato.de) was able to solve the problems with sending out emails to the domains @outlook, @live, @msn and @hotmail. Sending out our automatic confirmation emails to the above domains should now work again.


At present our Email-Server, hosted at the German provider STRATO (www.strato.de), is encountering problems with sending out emails to the following Microsoft domains: @outlook, @live, @msn and @hotmail. Strato is working together with Microsoft on this problem, but it is not clear, when the emails will go through again. If you have your email addresses with one these domains, you will not get any automatic reply email by our system.

If you have another email address available, please use this for the moment in your LAREU account. Change your email address accordingly in your LAREU account.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.


LAREU-members can order the import of the DNA-information of their animals from previous analyses (e.g. via camelid associations). For this a new sub-menue was introduced into the DNA-Order menu ("Import existing DNA-Information"), which is handled by the Certagen Labortory.


LAREU has introduced new swabs produced by DNA Genotek for taking DNA samples. If you have some "old" Prionics swabs from previous orders they can still be used. The new swabs can be ordered as before through the DNA labs working together with LAREU. A description of how to use them is shown in pictures here (for more details see menu "DNA Test" and menu "FAQ" ).


The passport ordering procedure has been improved and simplified. After login you will find a new menu "Passport" with three submenus. The procedure is hopefully evident, but is also described in pictures under the menu "FAQ".


The LAREU Registration has been ported to a new machine. Press "Refresh" once on this page before pressing "Login" (or F5 when using Internet Explorer or Firefox). The "refresh" action does not need to be repeated for the next "login".


New login button and description of DNA ordering: press here (menu "DNA Testfont>


New Tutorial: frequently asked questions, answered in pictures: press here (menu "FAQ")


New function: PDF containing the animal data (Button "Animal PDF" in menu "View").


The LAREU ordering system for DNA-typing and parentage verification for your alpacas and llamas is ready now. Bitte have a look for the detailed explications under the menu "DNA-Test" (in english, German and French).

22.02.12 Upon initiative of LAREU (see earlier News from 2008 and 2007) a world-wide standard for the marker set for DNA parentage testing has been released last year by the International Society for Animal Genetics (ISAG). LAREU is now in contact with several certified European gene laboratories to establish DNA typing according to the new standard. These laboratories will work together with LAREU to make the detailed DNA data available for the registered owners in the LAREU database.
At the moment some organizational details and the methods of material sampling are being discussed and worked out. We envisage the start of the DNA-tests by summer this year. The animal owners will be informed in due time via email.
08.11.11 Please notice an important change in the registration of animals. For further details see here .
30.06.10 Please notice an important change in the registration of owners. For further details see here .
28.08.09 Please notice an important change in the procedure of registering your animal's ISO chip number.
For furher details see here.
07.10.06 Nyní máte možnost podívat se na rodokmen vašeho zvířete, ("View Details" a dále na "Pedigree")
27.09.06 Do dnešního dne je u nás zaregistrováno více než 1500 zvířat !
18.07.06 Nach den ersten 4 Monaten der LAREU Online Registrierung haben wir jetzt die magische Zahl von über 1000 registrierten Tieren überschritten!

Vítáme na stránkách LAREU všechny evropské chovatele lam a alpak.

10.03.06 Online se mohou zaregistrovat všichni evropští chovatelé alpak a lam.