Welcome to the Online Registration System of LAREU
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  The LAREU online registration for alpacas and llamas is free of charge.

Instructions for the Online Registration
  Here you will find a short description of how to register yourself and your alpacas and llamas.
  The principle of registration is the following: You will first register yourself as an owner (or breeder). The registration system will send you an email with your personal owner/breeder number, with which you will identify yourself to the system. It will also give you a password, which you can change to your preferred password. With the owner/breeder number and the password you can login to the system and register your animals. There are separate registers for alpacas and llamas:

   alpacas will receive the numbers AREU-xxxxxx
   llamas will receive the numbers LREU-xxxxxx

  You can view the data of your owner/breeder record and of your animals at any time. Should there be any incorrect or missing information in your owner/breeder record (e.g. you have changed your address or telephone number), or in your animal record (e.g. you want to add information on the parents of the animal), you can add or replace the desired information in the database. Note that you can see and edit only your own animals, not the animals from other owners. You have no access to the information of the animals of other owners/breeders.
  For each registration step you will receive an email for confirmation, which you should print out and keep in your folders.
Detailed Instructions with images you will find under  FAQ

Best wishes for a successfull registration of your animals. In case of doubts or trouble feel free to send an email to info@lareu.org
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