Ordering the LAREU Animal Passport                 

You can order a LAREU passport for your animal. For this you have to login to your LAREU account

The camelid passport contains a total of 40 pages and is protected by a transparent plastic cover. The passport is in three languages: English, French and German.

Click on the image at the left to get a view of the individual pages of the passport

The LAREU passport is 15 Eur, with the following discounts:

5-9 passports: 5 %
10-14 passports: 10 %
15-20 passports: 15 %

You will receive an invoice by email with the amount due and you will be notified by email when the amount is credited to the LAREU bank and when the passports are sent to your address.

Please note that the emails and passports will be sent to the addresses as entered in your LAREU account.

In case of questions please consult the "FAQ menu" or contact your webmaster