LAREU ("Llama & Alpaca Registries Europe") is a Registered European Association with seat in Brig (Switzerland). Its purpose is to provide an online registration service for all alpaca and llama breeders and owners (see the Articles of the Association).
  The online registration is free of cost. The data base is maintained by TASSO e.V.
  LAREU also prepares the following services:
- camelid passport for alpacas and llamas

For these services a fee will be charged (see Membership)
Board of Directors


Function Name Country phone email
  President Dr. Bernard Giudicelli France +33 (0) 3 85 55 11 98 bernard.giudicelli@lareu.org
  Vice-President Dr. Ilona Gunsser Germany +49 (0) 89 347272 ilona.gunsser@lareu.org
  Treasurer Susanne Gigler Germany +49 (0) 9944 302197 susanne.gigler@lareu.org
  Secretary Dr. Josef A. Kuonen Switzerland +41 (0) 279 238660 Josef.kuonen@lareu.org
  Scient. Consult. Prof. Dr. Christian Kiesling  Germany +49 (0) 171 720 6428 christian.kiesling@lareu.org